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Learn to play Guitar, Piano or Bass from the comfort of your home. My name is Alvaro Avila. I’ve been a music teacher for over 25 years. I cover the area of Escazú, Santa Ana, Sabana, Lindora and Guachipelín in Costa Rica. Most of my students are Costaricans but I also teach people from many different countries because I can speak fluid English.  Phone: 8847-2137

Through the years, many of my students have been young kids from private schools like the Weizman Institute, Country Day School, The International Baptist Church in Guachipelín, Lincoln School, Blue Valley, etc. and I also teach adults of all ages.

I can not cover other areas of San José due to heavy traffic. It would be impossible to drive around the whole city without losing hours stuck in traffic. The cost is $25 dollars for a 45 minute lesson. Children under 7 receive a 30 minute lesson (for $20) because they can not mantain attention for longer periods.

I studied Music at The National University of Costa Rica and have great experience teaching Guitar, Bass and Piano. I’ve had very few Bass students through out the years, because Bass is less ‘popular’ among students.

Spanish is my first language but I learned English since I was a teenager and I’ve had American, Canadian, Irish and  British students including the son of a Former U.S. Ambassador here in Costa Rica, the daughter of a Former Canadian Ambassador, students from the Country Day School and many members of the Baptist Church community.

If you want to try one lesson just let me know. Thanks for your visit.

Alvaro Avila  (Music Teacher)

Cell: 8847-2137.

Let’s talk on Facebook

PD:  I also have Online Guitar Lessons. A Beginner 17 video course I created. See video #1 example

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